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Our Mission

Our founders (Ermida & Jasmine) always loved to share and reflect on their travel pursuits and understood the demand for a platform for black travellers to share or learn about travel experiences. Understanding this need, Being Black In and its main three main themes were born. The Good, The Bad & The In-Between categorizes various experiences into unique themes. Through these themes, we serve our community by:

  • Provide authentic travel stories by black travellers.

  • Provide a safe space for black travels to share travel experiences.

  • Serve as a resource.

Good experiences abroad!

Being Black In countries foreign to our own comes with long-lasting and memorable events. Our writers share the positive experiences they faced abroad.

Not so great experiences!

Being abroad can always come with various challenges that affect us in numerous ways. Our writers express how they felt and the ways they may have dealt with a challenge.

A unique space!

Our writers share unique experiences or mixed feelings or comprise lists of resources and guides to better your next travel experience.

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Contact Us

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