Invitation to the Kensington Palace – An Interview with Eddie from CHRISHABANA

Eddie is the Communications & Marketing Director for CHRISHABANA, a jewelry brand and creative studio based in New York City. He serves as the middleman between the brand and the outside world, building relationships with industry peers like stylists, designers, editors, customers, and VIP clients.

He was invited to Kensington Palace.

  • Why were you and your team invited to Kensington Palace?

The Kensington Palace staged an exhibition in April 2023 comparing 18th-century Georgian Royal Court fashion to the modern-day celebrity red carpet. There were two Met Gala designs that CHRISHABANA created for musicians SZA and Grimes that they requested to feature in this exhibition. After coordinating with their team, we were invited to the exhibit’s private opening, so our creative director, Chris, and I were very excited to take them up on the offer. 

  • How does the crown, created by CHRISHABANA, fit the ambiance of this event?

The exhibit really honed in on how these fashion pieces that were created centuries apart still share certain qualities that people focus on when it comes to dressing up. All of the pieces felt grand and one of a kind, especially with the setting they were placed in. The crown definitely resembled some of the glamorous, sparkling archive pieces Kensington shared from their own archive.

  • What were your first thoughts and impressions of Kensington Palace?

Everything, in general, just felt “grand.” The palace grounds seemed to go on forever.  The inside of the venue (which was also huge) was filled with all kinds of art and interesting decor; it was a sensory overload. I was impressed with how they pulled the 200+ curated works into a series of different themes, such as a vanity dresser complimented by an 18th-century hand mirror and Pat McGrath’s makeup as if someone was getting ready for a ball.

  • What was it like to be in the fashion scene and get such a prestigious invitation like this?

I was so proud of our team. Our company is very work-focused, and we rarely make time to stop and look back, so it was nice to pause and celebrate. Being acknowledged for that effort by such a highly regarded institution and surrounded by work from people I idolize was very affirming.

  • How do you think your passion for fashion and travel work together?

Fashion is a global industry, so my work involves traveling from time to time to execute projects and connect with colleagues and partners. I’m also so fascinated with the way people dress all over the world and how we influence each other in the digital age. Because of this, every trip I take, whether for work or leisure, is an opportunity to learn more about fashion as we understand it. 


  • What are your thoughts on the fashion space in London, and why was this trip meaningful to you?

Regarding fashion, London is rich in its history of design and its offering of emerging young talent. To be honest, the second part excites me more. There are many creatives on the rise, like Mowalola, with strong messages and unique, experimental approaches to dressing that are bringing new narratives to the fashion conversation.


  • Culturally, how would you compare London to the neighborhood you grew up in?

London definitely has its stark differences from growing up in The Bronx. In my upbringing, I lived in a predominantly Black and Hispanic community, which contrasted a bit with South London, where they have a visible Caucasian and Asian community present as well. That said, I resonate with a similar cross-cultural feel from living in a metropolitan city. There’s a variety of shops, restaurants, and other resources that cater to different groups of people. 

  • What were some of the main highlights?

Aside from the palace visit, another highlight was checking out the clothing stores and vintage markets along Brick Lane. I have a weakness for sweets, so naturally, I had to explore all the bakeries I could find. Treats R US is a banger!)I also enjoyed linking up with friends and family and just seeing how people live out there. Of course, I can’t forget the nightlife- one night, I saw music artist Obong Jayar give an amazing performance at Koko that had the whole club moving.

  • How was your overall experience in London? 

I didn’t expect to have such a fun time and feel as comfortable as I did while I was out there. There were times when I’d walk around and feel just like I was back home because of the energy of the city. It was also welcoming to see that there is a strong Ghanaian community present. Overall, the trip made me eager to return and learn more about the culture there. 

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