About Us

About Us

Ermida Koduah- Co-Founder/ CEO. She has been to over countries thus far. She has lived in Tangier, Morocco, for two months, in Dubai, UAE, for 4months & lived in London for about a year. Her vision for BeingBlackIn came about during her two-month trip to Morocco, where she faced extreme challenges as a black woman navigating the city. (Click here to read about it.) She loves travel and has worked in the international space for over five years. Additionally, she has been traveling since age 4, when she and her family moved From Brescia, Italy, to NYC.

She holds a Master of Science from The London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Albany.

Jasmine Oduro is the Co-Founder & Editor-Chief of Being Black In. Jasmine has visited nine countries and has the guilty pleasure of returning to many of those places. Jasmine’s early travels were based on diasporic trips with her family. Jasmine joined the Being Black In team believing in created spaces to freely talk about traveling and not shying away from the ever so common yet “hush” intersectionality when it comes to travel. Her traveling pursuits have been put on a slight pause due to her aspirations of becoming a medical student, but you will quickly catch her looking at flight deals, resorts, and the latest local, domestic, and international bucket list attractions. She currently holds a BS from SUNY Binghamton.

Business Partners & Cousins, Ermida & Jasmine always loved to share and reflect on their travel pursuits.

The primary purposes of Being Black In are:

1.  Provide authentic travel stories by black travelers.

2. Provide a safe space for black travelers to share travel experiences.

3. Serve as a resource.

These goals lead us to create our three main themes, The Good, The Bad & the In Between.