Flying During COVID-19: AA 777-300 First Class Review(NYC to London)

Before I start my mini-review, flying during the COVID-19 era is soo different! I would have never imagined seeing JFK airport look like a ghost town. As much as my check-in process and security check went seamlessly quick, it was very creepy to be at the airport with no one around.

On September 20th, I arrived at JFK airport around 5:45 pm for my 7:35 pm flight to London. I walked over to check in my bags, and there were about 3 people in the line at the kiosk. I checked my two bags for free and paid $200 for the third one. ( If you’re not flying via a buddy pass then the third bag is included for free.) I then proceeded to security, and the line was readily available for me to go right to the front. I would say this took no more than 10 minutes.

Since I got there in the evening, the airport staff told me none of the food places were open except for one cafe. I got a little sandwich and sparkling water and headed to my gate.


The gate was extremely spacious because there were about 12 people waiting to board. We boarded around 6:45 and took off 15 minutes earlier than expected since the boarding process was completed quickly. I can’t lie; I really loved how easy this process was. Boarding was so quick and easy that we took off early, so I arrived at Heathrow an hour early. 

Flight Experience ( Food & Other Features) 

The flight experience was pleasant, and the staff was willing and able to assist whenever I needed help. As soon as we got on the plane, I was handed some champagne and a dinner menu. (I love champagne, so I was already in a great mood when it was time to sit down.) I was soo full that I skipped the small plate, but I got Mojo de Ajo Chicken Breast. The chicken was a bit dry, but the plantains were cooked to perfection. After picking my dinner option, I surveyed the area and found some cool perks of first-class: the mini care kit, the headphones & the seat adjustment features. 

Dinner & Dessert
Mini Care Kit

The mini care kit was so cute! The exterior case was made of this nice leather material, and the nifty travel items inside were perfect. The noise-canceling headphones did great justice during my flight. I couldn’t hear a thing. 

Seating options

My last but favorite part of the experience was the seat-changing feature. I tend to get swollen ankles after the end of a long flight because of the continued sitting and lack of leg elevation. However, not this flight! I mostly had my legs resting up and elevated. If I wanted to go the extra mile, I could have put the chair in a bed position, but I did not like that position too much. I also utilized the massaging functions.  A girl was in heaven! Towards the end of the flight, they served up a pretty standard breakfast.





Random Tips

I created a little kit for myself with essentials and handy things necessary for any flight. Now with COVID, I make sure to pack extra face masks.

My essentials

Unfortunately, I injured my wrist by improperly handling my luggage. Luckily, one of the pilots has some tape to help wrap my wrist. ( Yes, I even met one of the pilots!)  After this incident, I would recommend adding little first aid kit supplies in your bag. You never know when you might accidentally injure yourself on a flight.

Overall, it was a good, comfortable 6-hour flight. I could potentially look into doing this again but for a much longer flight. Until next time!

By Ermida K, Co-Founder/CEO, Being Black In 





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