Experiencing Thailand

I went Thailand for my birthday this past October and had an amazing time. When it comes to traveling,I absolutely love learning about other cultures and night life. Some of the clubs we went to were Illuzion and Heroes. They played great music and stayed open late. Illuzion stayed open until 6am and Heroes stayed open until 3am. Both clubs are located on Bangla Road which is a street full of bars and clubs.

A challenging moment that we faced was running out of Baht, Thailand’s currency. Whenever I’m on a trip and run out of cash, I usually use my debit card. Thailand was one of the only places I’ve traveled to where not every place accepted debit/credit cards. This was a learning lesson for me. For future trips, I will take out more than enough money to exchange just in case I run into a situation like this again. Besides that, I felt very comfortable in Thailand and did not get any uncomfortable stares. Everyone is very peaceful and friendly.

One of the funniest experiences of this trip was when my boyfriend almost got attacked by a monkey. At the time it was very frightening but since he’s okay we can all laugh about it now and put it in the memory book. We were on the Phi Phi island tour and one of our stops was at Monkey Island. Here, you can see the way monkeys live and interact with each other. My boyfriend wanted to take a picture with one of the monkeys but was very nervous to do so. He followed one of the monkeys around trying to keep an eye on him and the monkey felt threatened so he snapped at him and started chasing him. My boyfriend ran into the water and dived head first. The monkeys didn’t like going deep into the water so he eventually stopped chasing him.

Thailand was overall an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back again. I recommend this trip to anyone. For more details and information on all the places I’ve been thus far please go to

By: Jasmine Bishop

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